Letters From My Father (1st)

Letters From My Father (1st)

Princesses in this world, I want to use this space to write letters from our heavenly father dedicated just for you. I hope they encourage you, empower you, energize you and give you hope as they do to me ❤
The following is the first letter dedicated to you …..

My Princess Daughter,

Last night as you were sleeping and dreaming about who you really wanted to be, I wished you saw how my eyes truly see you.

I wish you believed that before I designed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you. I wish you had the certainty I created you with a plan, a mission, a purpose and I set you apart from this world.

Daughter, I wish you knew how valuable you are so you wouldn’t doubt your dreams, and who you truly are.

Princess, I created you with a smile, an immense passion, and an unconditional love just for you to live and be free. I adore you! your value to me is much more than any precious jewel, and your existence is exceedingly joyous to me.

My beautiful daughter, I wish you knew what my eyes see in you. Then, you would run free and never doubt the royal princess I have created in you.

Sat, August 27, 2022